Academically Active

The school sets high standards of academics for itself. Without it other activities fail to mean a great deal. The school strives to make students curious and eager to know more. The idea is not merely to be restricted to the textbook but to embark upon a voyage of self-discovery. The school runs according to the CBSE syllabi. The Headmistress is in charge of the Junior Section of the School (Classes I to V) and the Pre School Section (Toddlers, Lower KG & Upper KG) is looked after by the Pre School Coordinator. Every effort is made to make learning an enjoyable experience. Students are expected to be regular in class and to submit their assignments on time.
Some of the characteristics of the teaching imparted are as follows:

  • Motor Coordination and memory games encouraged
  • Special attention are paid to the weak students
  • Singing
  • Worksheets in class
  • Stress in spoken English
  • Learning Games
  • Field Trips and outings
  • Team work through projects and exercises
  • Audio Visual teaching
  • Demonstration of experiments

Social skill development is treated as an integral part of the curriculum

Carrer Counselling

Clarity of thought and a clear plan of action are imperative in today's competitive world. The students of Classes X and XII receive Career Counselling classes and are made of aware of the wide professional choices available to them in today's world. Experts are invited to speak to students in the regard.

Science Laboratories

The school has large Science Laboratory that can accommodate a class with ease. The laboratory is well stocked and maintained. The school also has a Mathematics and Language Laboratory.

Testing Methods

The School uses a comprehensive testing system as prescribed by the CBSE. The student receive grades for personality traits and extra-curricular activities. Subject Enrichment activities are conducted for all major subjects which involve activities, experiments, work sheets, group work on topics beyond the text book. Summative Assessments are held twice a year in September and in March. Parents receive regular updates of how their wards are doing in school through the Unit Test Mark Cards and End of Term reports. The parents are also invited to meet the staff and go through the examination scripts of their wards twice in a year. All parents / guardians are also free to visit the school and meet the Principal any time through the year after taking an appointment.


Computer Lab

Technology in education is mandatory for students of this day and age. Keeping that in mind, it is compulsory for all students to learn computers and computer applications in school. The school has large computer labs and all students up to Class X receive classes. This includes hands on knowledge as well. In addition, the school offers Informatics Practices as a Board subject in Class XI and XII. The school has a well-stocked library of books and audio-visual material which are used as resources by students and staff. Students have the option of participating in Olympiads in a variety of subjects and disciplines.

Games & Sports

Jermel’s Academy gives ample opportunity to students for games and sports. All students are expected to participate unless they have a medical condition, in which case a certificate to that effect must be submitted to the school. A large games field allows children to enjoy recreational and competitive sport. The school organises and participates in a numerous Inter- School Tournaments and has won titles at the National Level in many sports played are:

  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Throwball
  • Handball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country running

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities take place on a regular basis in school and are spread over both terms. The school allows ample opportunity to students to showcase their talents in school. These include:

  • Dramatics
  • Dance
  • Public Speaking
  • Singing
  • Elocution
  • Art and Craft
  • Quizzing
  • Field Trips

We ensure your child's safety

The School is responsible for
Providing duty of care to students which includes:

  • Managing student supervision, visitors to school, after school collection, student privacy.
  • Supporting shared parental responsibility Providing a safe environment which includes:
  • Protection and support against bullying, abuse, assault.
  • Undertaking preventative measures to address the risk of inappropriate alcohol consumption, misuse of drugs.
  • Facilitating access to support services.
  • Meeting the planning and implementation requirements for excursions and activities.
  • Providing advice to parents about the student transport options that are available to the school.
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of private cars for school activities.

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