Notice Board


The aim of the School is to provide wholesome education to its pupils, to make them aware of their surroundings, to respect another's belief and viewpoints without compromising on what is right ,to understand the value of culture and tradition while imbibing the technological trends that the world is following. And finally the school tries its best to install in students the idea of putting the good of society and country before oneself.

There can be no doubt that academics must get priority in schools. Without it other activities fail to mean a great deal. The school strives to make students curious and eager to know more. The idea is not merely to be restricted to the textbook but to embark upon a voyage of self discovery. The school runs according to the CBSE syllabi.

The Headmistress, Mrs. Rina Jyoti Sadiq, is in charge of the Junior Section of the School (Classes l to V) and the Pre School Section (Classes Nursery & KG) is looked after by Mrs. Deepti Maria Sadiq. In Junior School, every effort is made to make learning an enjoyable experience

Some of the characteristics of the teaching imparted are as follows:

  1. Motor coordination and memory games are encouraged.
  2. Special attention is paid to the weak students.
  3. Singing
  4. Worksheets in class
  5. Stress on Spoken English
  6. Learning games in the course of the class
  7. Field Trips and outings
  8. Team work through projects and exercises.
  9. Audio Visual aids for teaching
  10. Live demonstrations of experiments